A look inside made you look

A look inside made you look

I’m feeling extremely pleased to welcome you to ‘made you look’ online!

I’ve been told that nobody actually reads Blogs anymore, they prefer looking at the pretty pictures and scrolling through the shop. If you are reading this then you will see that our ‘blog’ has 3 sections.

❖ made you look – chat is where you will read about launches, events, pop-up shops etc. If you would like to be personally invited then please subscribe (we promise to not fill your inbox with trivia).

❖ fashion news is where you will find ‘style & fashion’ articles and tips which are of interest to ‘made you look’.

❖ fashion dictionary is entirely for fun! Learn ‘style and fashion’ terminology which may be useful to you next time you’re at New York or Paris fashion week..

I have found the most perfect word to describe how you will look and feel once you spend time browsing our website, using the services we offer and shopping from our gorgeous clothing collections. It’s a crazy big word and not used in everyday conversations (possibly because it is a crazy word to pronounce).

PULCHRITUDINOUS [puhl-kri-tood-n-uhs}…
We hereby look forward to building the ‘made you look’ brand with and for all our gorgeous, confident, beautiful, charming, cute, dazzling, elegant, stylish (pulchritudinous) clients and friends.

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