Fashion news

Fashion news

This blog page is to share interesting global news about all things fashion and style.

I have fashion movies on my mind right now and after reading the book and seeing the trailer I am looking forward to watching:

‘House of Gucci’ which will be launching on 24 November ‘21. A true story with a mixture of family drama, glamour, high finance, loafers and bags. The movie features an all star cast including Lady Gaga.

Previous fashion movies worth watching:
Pret-n-Porter was a comedy drama directed by Robert Altman in 1994. The cast bridges multiple generations of actors. It’s fun, Enjoy it!

The Dressmaker stars Kate Winslet and is about glamorous woman with haute couture style who returns to her rural small hometown with her sewing machine where she appears to transform the women. This is another comedy/drama to enjoy.

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